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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by rockislandmike, Sep 17, 2002.

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    Got the familial digital camera back again . . . . . sorry there's so many, but I liked so many of these pics . . . . .

    (1) Santa Fe GP30 #1236 leads a mixed freight through Dodge City, passing behind a burned out Rock Island hopper hulk. This GP30 is lightly weathered.


    (2) Led by a pair of EMD GP38-2's, "The American Railfan" and "Navaho Nation", I like to call this picture "Big Blue Consist" - enough said.


    (3) Dodge City will eventually be a hub of activity; there's room behind ROCK #4794 (a newly retooled Athearn SD40-2, see below) for a small switching yard, as well as an interchange track b/w Rock Island, Santa Fe, and the Brownstone & Paradise.


    (4) Munsey & Sons is a farm implement dealership; here a flat car is sidled up to a ramp. ROCK #947 is in the background, just coming off the Doans Yard turntable.


    (5) The unit I've been waiting for, just arrived today from Hobby Circle (32 days after order was placed) - an Athearn SD40-2, ROCK #4794 is a retooled with the plastic handrails and beautiful new coupler pocket which accepts #5 kadees.


    (6) A closeup of ROCK #947, an EMD SW1500. In the background the Santa Fe train continues to move through Dodge City, hauling chlorine tankcars from Hooker Chemicals.


    (7) Up at Kentucky Joe Junction just east of Enid OK, the "Big Blue Consist" is heading towards Wichita, while ROCK #4794 awaits its turn.


    (8) Finally, a custom-decaled plastic pellet hopper, lettered for TELENETRESEARCH, a fictional plastic pellet producer named after a company my father and I are involved with.

  2. NYCentral

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    Very Nice!! You have some great Loco's and rolling Stock!! Please keep updating us with photo's:cool:
  3. farmer ron

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    Looking Good Mike, keep the pics comming. Ron

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