Realistic cars on a TH&B layout

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by Biased turkey, Jan 10, 2007.

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    Hey Doc,

    Nice pics! I wish I'd been more of a railfan/photographer when I was a kid - getting TH&B and CP in Brantford, CN down to Tillsonburg - it's a good thing there were folks like you taking these pics!

    I was thinking the Empress of Agincourt was a regular at Chatham Street, but I don't know if she ever made the trip to Buffalo?

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    Nice photo. I don't know if that loco even made it to Hamilton, although I never made it to Chatham St. until the early '70s. Really strange when I think about it, as I spent the first seven years of my life on Hunter St., not too far east of the station and facing the tracks. I'm ashamed to say that I can recall rushing outside the first time that I heard a diesel. :rolleyes:
    After that, we moved to the east end of the city, about two blocks from the TH&B tracks. Still later, we moved to the west Mountain, and I'd often hike to the Brow to scan Aberdeen Yard with a telescope, looking for "exotic" rolling stock. After marrying, we lived only a couple of blocks from Kinnear Yard, then later moved to the Mountain in Grimsby, with the TH&B tracks visible in the distance. I often took my camera to work on nightshifts, then went home along Lawrence Rd., often catching freights ready to depart for Buffalo. I'd take various routes to get home, sometimes catching the same train above Stoney Creek, or in the cut at Vinemount. Occasionally, I'd chase them all the way to Smithville.
    I've scanned all of my TH&B pictures except for some detail shots of geeps 76 and 403, of which I built models. I may post a thread showing them, although many aren't very good. The TH&B was a small railroad, but one with a very loyal, and surprisingly large, following.

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    I'm afraid I can't take credit for the pic, I just linked to it from the Ottawa Valley Associated Railroader's site (it's in the Railfan Pictures section). Paul B. Smith gets the credit.

    I missed out on the TH&B years in Hamilton, but friends of mine who had been seriously railfanning through the '70s told me that the Empress was frequently on the "Starlight" - I believe that was the Agincourt-Aberdeen transfer? They had pics of her at Chatham street - the late Karl Bury had several. I believe his slide collection has been donated to the CRHA.
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    An interesting fact of which I wasn't aware. I just noticed in the photo you posted that there's a TH&B switcher coupled to the 8921. I was always pretty observant, eventually. ;):-D:-D

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    Small world, I spent my first 21 years on Hunter St. West. The closed to street traffic Pearl St. bridge was our local play ground. Oh, how many times we would watch and wave to the trains as they passed under the bridge. :wave:

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    Your Gauge name is a bit of a hint. ;)


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