Realistic 4-4-0 American Jupiter style loco?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by DrBasss, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. DrBasss

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    My brother and I are working on an old west layout and love the old trains with the big smokestacks like the 4-4-0 Jupiter locomotive. However it appears the ones available are not what we are looking for really. We are trying to find something pretty high quality and professional looking but I can't find one or anything similar. We did this as kids and are trying to get back into it since we enjoy it but so far trying to find things has been a bit overwhelming. I'd appreciate any advice or help that can be provided. :)
  2. Papa Bear

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    Atlas makes a nice 2-6-0. It's well detailed and a very good runner. Athearn makes a 2-8-0 (former Roundhouse line).
  3. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    I have 4 of the Bachmann 4-4-0s.

    The one with the bell smokestack and cowcatcher is very brightly coloured, but with some paint and weathering, it will look better. I will also be modifying the tender to take off the big pile of coal.

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  4. Papa Bear

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    How well do they run? I used to have one years ago. Seemed like it ran okay except for going over switches.

    The ones you painted on your website look good. I agree that the coal load has got to go!
  5. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    The one Jupiter runs just OK.
    The other three run fine. I took the two black and red ones to the last train show and each one pulled 3 coaches around our NTrak layout for about 4 hours without problems. :thumb:

    BTW, the pictures on the site are digital trickery, :oops: I have not yet painted them, I am still researching what would be the best way to do it. ;)
  6. sidneylopsides

    sidneylopsides New Member

    Is that the same type of loco used in Back to the Future III? If so I want one!
  7. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

  8. NORC

    NORC New Member

    Did Bachmann make a new run of this engine?
    Does it run any better?


  9. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    There has been a new run, not of the Jupiter that I have :( , but of the other 4-4-0s. I have 4 and two are very good :thumb: , and the other to are acceptable.
  10. brokemoto

    brokemoto New Member

    The Bachpersonn eight-wheelers vary wildly piece-to-piece. The GF has one that will hold a steady thirty-five SMPH and pull twenty of the various MDC or Bachmann nineteenth century cars up a one per-cent grade. I doubt that the prototype would have done that. It will occasionally stall on a plastic frog switch.

    I have one that can barely get out of its own way on level track and will stall on ordinary track. I have two others that run at about forty-five to fifty SMPH and will pull about six cars up a one per-cent grade.

    The B-mann eight-wheeler is an 1850s/1860s era wood burner.

    It is clearly not the best locomotive.

    The Atlas/Micro-Ace mogul does run much better. It requires much break-in, but after that, it will hold a steady thirty SMPH, a speed that is about right for these things. It , too stalls on plastic frog switches. Only one truck on the tender picks up electric as well as the drivers The Atlas.Micro-Ace is an 1870s era model and is a coal burner.

    The old MDC consolidated and mogul are late 1880s locomotives. MDC originally issued the consolidateds in colourful schemes, but the moguls came in black (although some of them had silver or grey fireboxes). The drivers on the consolidated are forty-eoght to fifty inches. The drivers on the mogul are sixty-three inches. If one were to update some of the details on the mogul, such as replacing the mantle-clock acetylene headlight and adding a generator and maybe a power reverse, one could use them on a pike with an era as late as the end of steam. The MDCs are excellent runners and pretty good pullers. Like the B-mann they have a motor in the tender and transmit power to the locomotive by means of a driveshaft. The tender does appear to sit a bit high, but this is a compromise with which I can live. The MDCs come as coal burners, but it is not difficult to convert them to oil burners. All tender wheels and drivers on both the consolidated and mogul pick up electric, although the traction tyred drivers do so less well than the others. The middle two pairs of drivers on the consolidated and the middle pair of drivers on the mogul are blind.

    Athearn has continued the MDC consolidated. The Athearn paint schemes are more colourful and do look better. The Athearns also come with MT couplers, an improvement over the old MDCs which came with rapidos and MDC's less-than-useless knuckle coupler. All tender and locomotive drive wheels on the MDCs and Athearns pick up electric, although the drivers with traction tyres do so less well. The middle two drivers on the Athearn are blind.

    If you do not mind pushing your era to the 1880s/1890s or even the early twentieth century, I would go with the MDCs.

    If you must have Civil War era or 1870s, I would go with the Atlas/MicroAce mogul and use metal frog switches (and to the gapping/wiring required). It does appear that you could do some minor alterations to the tender and the stack to make a wood burner out of one.

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