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Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by vette_7t9, Feb 5, 2004.

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  1. vette_7t9

    vette_7t9 Member

    I was wonderin:

    Where's the realism in RC? They should make specific chassis to emulate actual cars and their physics. A mustang should be Front engine or motor and RWD, a ford focus should be front engine or motor and FWD. Only exception for a chassis thats kinda real nowadays is to put a porsche body on it. Even then, the engine isnt mounted at the rear.
  2. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    Look into 1/4 scale. They are building engines true 1/4 scale down to the casting numbers. I think the company is called Conley, they do excellent work.
  3. combatcm

    combatcm Member

    Let's have some fun here. If a mustang weighs 3664lbs, At 10th scale it would weigh 3.6lbs. An nitro RC touring car weighs about 3.5lbs, so the weights are accurate. An RC scale 1/4 mile is 132 feet. If it takes 12 seconds for a full size car to go 1320 feet (1/4mile) its top speed would be 110mph. In an RC car, since it's 1/10 scale its top speed would be 11mph. That's pretty darn slow, especially because that's the speed of it at the end. If an RC car went 11mph 1/4 mile top speed, then you could beat it by just walking. A mustang's power to weight ratio is 9.39. So, if a mustang was a scale RC it's hp would be .38hp. If a 2.5hp touring car (fusion) was full scale car, it would have 2542hp, It would also be able to go over mach 1.

    Now at 80mph the fusion is not going to fly up in the air by going 800 scale mph as a real car would. I like to call this a "physics curve". There is probably a name for this but I like that one. It's sort of like how people say ants can lift over 100 (I don't know) times their weight and it's like a person lifting a bus over their head. When was the last time a person survived a fall from a plane? An ant can fall from a plane and live. Another thing is it's proportionate. Mice can fall 100 times their height and still live, a beaver can fall maybe 30 times their height and still live, a person can fall maybe 5 or 6 times their height and still live, but an elephant could only go only one or 2 times their height and still live. See how the curve works? So the next time a teacher says that you lifting a bus is like you having the proportional strength of an ant, it is not true. If I can hold a 250lb person (another person and I'm 250) on my shoulder and walk around, can and grown elephant walk around and hold double own weight? No. A mouse can though, maybe even 4 times it's weight or more.

    Sorry if that was long, I get mad at dumb statistics.
  4. vette_7t9

    vette_7t9 Member

    hey, thats very good! it intro'd me to the concept of how proportional downscaling doesn't work. thanks man!
  5. combatcm

    combatcm Member

    You wanna do it over? At least I had fun figuring it out.

    Let me guess, a 3500lb car at 1/10 scale weighs 350lbs.

    You want scale? Get a tamiya car, they have every chassis layout available.
  6. vette_7t9

    vette_7t9 Member


    But i checked out conley, its so#@$% expensive! The cobra costs 13k american, I can buy myself a REAL car!(used mustang/camaro)
  7. combatcm

    combatcm Member

    Sweet deal!
  8. jlmoreno911

    jlmoreno911 Member

    NICE ENGINES!! That will be something I'll have to consider getting once I win the lottery! lol
  9. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    i just started to read combatcm`s post.11mph you cant beat by walking.....
  10. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    that `physics curve` you are talking about,reminds me of the saying `the bigger they are the harder they fall`.

    ok,the thing is,with the scale thing,it is only proportionate in Size.the earth`s Gravity stays the same.
  11. vette_7t9

    vette_7t9 Member

    I just hoped they can make a car with 3-4 speed MANUAl tranny controlled on the transmitter via sequential type lever. Like you tap up to shift up and down to shift down. The ideal transmitter for this has to have a gear counter so you can keep track of your gears, a tach for counting revs, speedometer of course, and temp gauge. That would be such a dream! But realistic too.Now if only they added a G meter..........

    The reason I want a sequential type shift is I find the old tamiya 4(or was it 3?) speed Toyota Hilux pickup weird and clumsy to shift gears.
  12. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    vette , that is,indeed,possible with the 3-4 speed idea and all the gauges.but do you mean you hope to see that manufactured?i dout in our life time we will see somthing like that on the market.but it can be done.
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