REAL UP Power!!!

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by Voice, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. Voice

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    Here is one frame of the video I made last week, as UP 3985 was running through central Iowa. This was taken west of Ogden, Iowa, at about 60 mph.

    Yes, I WAS there when it went over the Kate Shelley High Bridge!!!!


  2. CarlFidy

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    Hope you enjoyed seeing live history as mush as I did when the 3985 came thru Oklahoma last year on it's trip to Houston.

    Being the youngster that I am(31) that was the first time I can remember seeing a steam locomotive in action. Vaguely remember the Freedom Train when it came through Tulsa, since I would have only been about 4 or 5 and wasn't nearly as interested in trains then as I am now.

    Looks like you were chasing it. Just curious where you started and ended your chase.
  3. Voice

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    I chased the train for about 70 miles....I came from the east, and stopped in Carroll to get my first look at it, then chased it, and paced it for a while, before getting to High Bridge, just west of Boone. This was along US Hwy 30, the old Lindoln Highway.

    I tried chasing it again this past weekend, but had some other appts to keep, and I wound up too far I didn't have another chance to get pictures....

    Ah, well....another time, maybe!!!

  4. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Awesome power. Thanks for posting the photo Dick

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