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    I am looking for card models of the space programs. I looking to use card models as a part of the lessons I shall be teaching. They need to be on an easy level (3rd-6th grade level). I have found a few on NASA web site that fit. I have found many spacecraft on the web that I can build, but I feel they will be to much for my students. I would like to find models they can easily build at home and bring back to school.

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    Follow this link. This is a member who's avatar name is "Retired for Now". I think he is the most knowledgeable person on these types of models. You could send him a P.M., he is also one of the nicest people you could ever meet. If you read through his posts, you will find many many links, many to just the kind of models you re looking for. :)
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    Here is another thread from Retired for Now that deals with building models for the classroom (it has a little bit of everything, so you will have to sift through and pick out what you want and need).

    Good luck with it.
    If you can, please post some of what your students have made.
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    Thanks for the link Rhaven Blaack. I have another 11/2 years of school before I get to teach full time. When I do get a chance to get my students to build, I will post them.

    Thanks again
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    I don't know if that is the case, but you might also search for rockets (and even "retro" rockets, the easy models) in

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