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  1. edwincito

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    I want to know if anyone besides fuchsjos as in his Willys Jeep had used real glass, like the microscope glass covers to make the windows of any model, since I´ve tried to do so, but failed in every attempt, maybe because of its real little thickness, I can´t figure out how to cut this type of glass, I have already tried with a regular glass cutter, but nothing it always brake down, so please I need somebody to help me! :cry:
    Thanks in advance.
  2. misacek

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    maybe if you try to cut it with a diamond blade . Same one that is used to cut tiles . Just an idea .
  3. Sirfoldalot

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    announce1Try using a Dremel "cutting disk" to lightly score it - then when you get it almost the correct size pane that you need - use Dremel grinding wheel, or sanding disk to narrow it down.
    You still have to be careful, but it works:mrgreen:
    A little prayer helps alsosign1
  4. edwincito

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    Thanks for the tips, and I´ll try them in the same order that were posted, n810 I´ll try to heat the cutter with a lighter, and if it doesn´t work, I´ll try to get whether a diamond blade or a Dremel rotary tool as misacek and Sirfoldalot said.
    And by the way I asked this question in Yahoo answers and other forums but some guys said that they never saw a model with real glass windows. Could be so wrong this idea?.
  5. peaceglue

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    Hey folks,

    there a existing models with real glass! Here you can see two pics! it's from a idea of Leif Ohlsson.
    I use a part of a electric bulb, to get a glass for the headlight of my dragon rapide (scale 1:24 from Schreiber).

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