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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by plbab, Apr 27, 2002.

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    I use the flame to heat the inside of the tip, once the inside of the tip is red hot I shut off the flame and just use the butane to keep it hot. I dont know if you can see it but theres a round knob just before the tip that slides back to shut the butane off for a split second.

    I dont heat my rails, the solder on the tip is hot enough heat the flux up to make a good "weld" between the rail and the wire.

    It is a small scale version of a plumbers torch, When you heat up a pipe your only heating it to get the flux hot enough to draw the solder into the joint.
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    RI541 I was pulling your leg (just to see if you were paying attention this time) but I'm glad you answered it. I've seen people use those little (about the size of a Bic lighter) torches to solder rail with, but never with something that big. My hats off to you, if I tried to solder with that rig someone will be dailing 911!:D
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    I understand what you are saying. I didn't realize that you were keeping the unlit torch that hot.

    I sweated copper pipe for plumbing in the house, so know what you are saying there too.



    I think this is my 499th post, will I turn into something green if I go for 500 or just get another day older:confused: :confused:
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    Happy 500th post you dont look a post over 300:D :) :D

    I don't normaly keep the torch going to long, the most I solder is 4 or 6 joints at a time,I like the flex track, less joints.


    I thought you were thats why I didn't go in to full detail with graphs, charts, diagrams, and 8X10 color glossy photos.

    If you guys only knew how many rails I melted with a solder iron.

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