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    I have been doing some quick research on the Reading SD-45s. I have an opportunity to purchase one. I already have one Bachmann Spectrum SD-45 #7603. The second I can purchase for a price I can’t refuse is also 7603. There is an outside chance I could get 7602.

    In looking at a couple of websites I only found roster numbers from 7600 to 7605. Did Reading only have six units? Also did they MU them together or with other locomotives?
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    According to...


    EMD SD45 3600 hp 7600-7604 5 units, dual controls

    I looked at the Reading Company Technical and Historical Society site and their photo roster shows 7600 thru 7604.

    A look at Elwood's site shows SD-45s usually behind a lesser powered loco. I want to believe I read somewhere that by having lower horsepower rated locos a RR could pay engineers less money (i.e. pay a loco driver for running a GP-30 instead of the SD-45 even tho a '45 could be in a consist). Now, I may have just shown what little I know on this subject but- there it is. Any enlightenment while on the subject would be greatly welcome as I too am a RDG modeler and fan.

    Mark (Insert "foot in mouth" icon here!!!)
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    It looks like we maybe the only Reading modelers in these here parts! :eek: :confused:

    I posted the question on the Anthracite Railroads Yahoo Group. I’ll let you know if I hear anything. :)
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    OK Tom

    Reading's the railroad for me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Nice tune if you sing it!

    Mark :thumb:

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