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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Anskar, Feb 5, 2007.

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    I'm brand new to The Gauge, but not to the hobby. I model in NScale, and have a shelf rr., point to point, around three walls of a study/guest room. The focus of the railroad is Phillipsburg/Easton, with my east end at Hampton Jct. (NJ). I run EL, CRRNJ, and LV motive power. I want to move into some Reading stuff. My problem is that I need some prototype rationale for Reading being present in Easton/Phillipsburg. Google-ing around a lot has not given me any kind of definitive answer, so I am putting the question on the table here - can anyone give me any hard data on reasons (trackage rights, etc.) that Reading would be on LV tracks west of Bound Brook, NJ, or east of Bethlehem, PA?

    Thank you for any insight that anyone can give me.

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    Have you tried asking on a railroad-specific message board or modeling group? You will get a great many more answers from people who know those lines inside and out than you will from a generic modeling board.

    Failing that, how about just setting it after April 1, 1976 when all the equipment got mixed up? You can throw whatever Conrail lines in that you like and ignore those that you don't.

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    Anskar is a dummy! I should have thought of that by myself. It's a good suggestion. I appreciate, especially, the idea of making the era after the beginning date of Conrail's absorption of all these anthracite haulers. I had my period as summer of '75. No problem to make it summer of '76. The problem is that I don't need a challenge to the latent disease of Locomotive Acquisition Disorder by now adding Conrail to the mix. Oh My!!! Decisions.

    Brian, thanks for the rapid response and the helpful suggestion.


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