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  1. Tucker

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    Hello all, I'm a newbie and this is my very first post. Just to let you know, I was in Walmart today and found a bunch of small cars (slightly off "N" scale but very close) They are called SPEEDEZZ and are found in the toy dept. They cost a little over a $1.00 each (in Canadian money) as opposed to $5.00 each for very similar in the hobby shop. This makes good sense to me and they look real good. Hope this message is of some help.
  2. hemiadda2d

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    After disassembling the cars, and razor-sawing off the outlandish body ground effects kit, touch up paint, remounting the wheels (new tires needed):
    The silver truck is stock, the Jeep is modified.
    They look a lot more off-road worthy than before! All I need now are better wheels/axles.
    The cars I have not yet tackled, and I have about 50 to modify....
  3. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Welcome to the Gauge Tucker. You never know what you will find next in Walmart, Zellers and the dollar stores.
  4. SD90

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    I've also got a few of these, they don't look too bad, espacially for the price!
  5. Lighthorseman

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    Inexpensive N Scale Cars...

    What I really like about the Seedeez and Micro Machines is that they can be driven about on the layout by small hands without incurring any damage, unlike most true scale vehicles.
  6. billk

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    Uhh - is that to the vehicles or to the rest of the layout??;)

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