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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by farmer ron, Feb 17, 2003.

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    Had to go to the big city on Friday to drop the wife off at a teachers thing so had several hours to tour the hobby shops. While en route to one passed the Southern B.C. rail shops. Notices a bunch of stripped out CP sw 1500 units and a few newly painted coaches. I dropped in with camera in hand. I went to the main office and asked if I could go on the property and get some pics. Well this paid off, they were surprised as I guess a few of the railfans have caused a bad name, they just walk on and around without permission, and once found are told to leave immediately, but as I asked first they were pleased so surprisingly I was allowed to walk around un escorted. I asked a few questions and eveyone was very talkative. There were several old CP rail sw1300-1500 units being totally stripped out and being refitted. There is an old CP Rail F7, they even pulled it out so I could get a pic, that is being worked on and re painted. According to the workers, a private person, in California, has purchased the equipment. Here in the Southern BC shops they are being reworked and painted before being towed down. Got several pics so when I get the new photo program installed I will post them. Ron...
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    Good for you Ron,
    It`s always nice to be nice and do things the right way;)

    Looking forward to your pics.:D

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