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Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by r2drift2, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. r2drift2

    r2drift2 New Member

    i bought a yokomo drift kit, im almost done building it and all, i just can't decide on wether to color it green, red or yellow. i really like green and when my wife and me went to the D1GP, she really liked rodeo and his green 180sx and i want to color it green for her. does anyone have any pics of a green 180sx 10 scale body that i can take a look at?
  2. !!Canadian Boy!!

    !!Canadian Boy!! New Member

    I know sum 1 does, I forget there name though, ill keep you posted
  3. r2drift2

    r2drift2 New Member

    cool, thanks man. :D
  4. nismospeed

    nismospeed Member

    here are some
  5. jaxx

    jaxx New Member

    dude the 2nd pic looks REALLY NICE! looks almost real, fooled me for a sec :) :D :D i think we have a winner for my next body color hehe!
  6. DJ Quack Quack

    DJ Quack Quack New Member

    is there metal flake in the second one it kind of looks like it but its hard to tell?
  7. mfzero

    mfzero Member

    do it green :!:
  8. Beskone

    Beskone Member

    i'm currently in the process of painting a new 180sx body in the green and white color scheme of the Koguchi Power 180 (like the bottom picture)

    i'm taking a lot of time with this one, and i'm hoping it comes out really nice!

    now if i could only find some illustrator format JDM logos so i can print out some stickers to match the koguchi power car....

    i'll post some pics when it's done :)

    so ya, go green it's a cool color - go with a metallic green, or blue for that matter, my beater body is blue and looks sweet too.

    - Brian

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