Re-sizing paper models in MS Paint.

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by blake7, May 28, 2015.

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    I have been asked to make a tutorial on how I re-sized Ninjatoe's MK II Viper, because I used MS Paint to re-size his model. I believe I was asked because there are some people like me who have not be able to learn, or maybe afford the more complex programs that are out there. Since MS Paint usually come with windows based computers, and is a fairly easy program to use I did my re-sizing using that program. How ever I also used another easy to use program and it is free as well to extract the templates (images) from the PDF of the model I wanted to re-size, and you can also make PDFs with it as well. The program is called PD Fill.

    So the tutorial I did is in PDF format, and waiting in the downloads for approval. The PDF covers using both programs (MS Paint, and PD Fill). I sent the PDF to Ninjatoe, and asked if it was alright to use parts from his viper model to demonstrate the process of re-sizing parts using MS Paint. He has given me permission to use his viper parts for the tutorial.
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    Looking forwards to reading that!
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    By the way if it wasn't for PD Fill I couldn't do the recolors or the re-sizing. Thank You Revell Fan for introducing me to PD Fill.
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    Zathros if you read this, then you should know that your comment on my 1/24 scale Ninjatoe,s MK II viper is what tipped the scale to make this tutorial. I just realized that over the last eight months I have had a lot of firsts, such as: build threads, recolors, re-sizing a model, and now this tutorial.
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    I would try XNView. It is the most useful program, and since all you are doing is resizing, I think it would work perfectly. I have used this program for 12 years! Oh, it's FREE too! :)

    Link =
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    Thank you! I will check it out.
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    Revell Fan did you know that PD Fill can also remove a password or put one on a PDF, then it makes another PDF from the original,but you have to know the password to remove it?

    2015-06-16_0745.png 2015-06-16_0756_001.png
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    My life has very recently become very busy, so I don’t know when I will be building let alone re-coloring any models. With that said Revell Fan has pointed out that the tutorial missed two things, both about PD Fill program. The first is about the margins (see first picture). If you want the templates (images) to fit the whole page, then you need to put “0.0” in the top, bottom, left, and right boxes. I did mention margins, but didn’t go in to details on the PDF tutorial.

    The second thing was about Image Resolution when taking the Templates (images) off a PDF using PD Fill. In the second picture you can see that it says “144”dpi. Revell Fan said I should change it to between 200-300 psi.

    You will also notice it saves in PNG format. I tried working with JPEG format, but after saving my work several times a smudging/smearing effect would happen. Revell Fan told me that JPEG doesn’t compress the same as PNG format. You can see in the two pictures of the nose of the viper that the one that is smudged is JPEG format, while the other is PNG format.

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    Excellent! Now it covers everything! :)
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    Yes! That's another reason why I like the program so much. :)
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