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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by paperpanzer, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. paperpanzer

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    Hi all

    I've been asked by a fellow modeller about the re-sizing of one of my models from 1/72 to 1/48 scale.

    What would be the best way of re-sizing the PDF in order to get the correct scale?

  2. Thomas Meek

    Thomas Meek New Member

    Changing the size of a PDF when printing will vary somewhat according to the printer and software installed, but here is how I do it with my Epson Stylus C-88:

    I open the file with Acrobat Reader, go to the File menu and open "Print Setup". Then click on "Properties." In this window, make sure that "Print Preview" is selected.
    Then click on the "Page Layout" tab and select "reduce/enlarge document" by clicking the little box. Then select "by percentage" and fill in whatever percentage you wish, for instance to print half size type "50".

    Then click "OK" and in the new window click "OK" also.
    This closes the Print Setup.

    Again in the File menu, open "Print." A small preview will be shown on the right side of the window. It will show the image covering the entire page. Do not be alarmed. Click "OK" to print.

    If you selected "Print Preview" in the Setup window, the preview will be displayed and should show you how the image will fit on the paper. If it looks good, go ahead and click the "Print" button. If it does not look good, hit "cancel" and then you can go back and figure out what needs to be done.

    If you are in any doubt about the outcome and you are printing a multi-page PDF it might be prudent to select only one page to print first time round, then if it works, select the others and print them. I know from experience the feeling of watching your printer try to fit each of six too-large page images onto several sheets of paper. It is not good.

    Good luck! Let us know how you make out.
  3. Thomas Meek

    Thomas Meek New Member

    I may have misunderstood your question. To get from 72% to 48%, divide 72 by 48. That gives 1.5. In the "Page Layout" window enter 150 as the percentage. Unfortunately if the original was meant to fill the paper it was to be printed on it will go over size and require a larger sheet for the print.
  4. 4x4paper

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    You can simply change the paper size from A4 to A3 That should do the trick:mrgreen:
  5. paperpanzer

    paperpanzer Member

    Thanks guy's I'll pass that on.

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