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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by HarryDinsen, Jan 6, 2006.

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    Harry in Colorado Springs
    Coal Belt & Subsidiary Systems

    This is for the gentleman who had a questions concerning a better road surface for his roads and highways. I attempted to do this last night and also wanted to upload a couiple pictures from my own layout of the road surfaces that I have put down.

    My understanding according to his posting was, he was extremely disappointed in the commercial product he bougght at a hobby shop.

    What I did was to use left over roofing felt from a shed (it only took me sixteen years to get the darn thing built) I built last summer. I had a lot left over from the roof and after a lot of thought, decided to use it to improve the looks of the roads in and around the twons and two cities on the CBL. The roofing material is not all that thick; what I used is about the thickness of two sheets of cardboard from a legal pad. Cuts easy and, the asphalt surface appears to be the real thing after white or yellow lines are applied.

    I have mentioned this on other sites I belong to and the response, expect for one person who didn't think that was "the way roads should be modeled". Oh well, it was bought and paid for and would have cluttered the shed otherwise.

    I have a few other inexpensive ideas I have applied over the years to the CBL which have proved to be cost effective and cutting costs considerably.
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  2. Gary S.

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    Hey, I like that idea. Do you have any pics you could post? I'd love to see them. And any other money saving ideas you can throw at me, let's hear 'em!
  3. ausien

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    anything that save the $$$$ is always worth knowing about, hope you have a few others that you wont keep to your self....steve
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    I have used roofing felt for some of my roads. It's easy to use and makes realistic roads but I have had one problem. It eventually fades under flourescent lights. To fix this I paint it with "Grimy Black" or another shade of black paint and that fixes it. I have heard that you can spray it with "Dullcote" as well but I haven't tried that yet.
  5. ausien

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    What I use for the roads is the black sand papper, 1200 grit, and for road lines I use the liquid papper roll on, then spray with top coat, or dull coat... hope this helps...steve

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