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  1. Edgar

    Edgar New Member

    Folks, are any of you familiar with I just got their catalog and they have some very good prices on stuff, but I would like to know how reliable this joint is. I'm looking for example to this HO train set, 1 loco and five cars, nicely priced, but they don't say who the manufacturer is. If anybody can give me a hint, throw it right away!
  2. KCS

    KCS Member

    What is the price and does it state what all comes with it? Maybe a link to it on the web?
  3. hooknlad

    hooknlad Member

    Hiya - To me it appears to be a lifelike set for $80 . Personally, my verdict is in question for this product. I have seen lifelike sets before from the now defunct lifelike website for about $80. I guess if you bought the set piecemeal, you may have a deal - complete ball of wax in a set. I haven't ventured to see what the S&H is on this site. I know that the lifelike set that I have seen, people were buying them like mad and attempting to scam others on EBAY for roughly $150. You may be able to find a set like the one you are looking for in a LHS ( mom and pop type) , for this price w/o having to add S&H. I personnally dont care for the older lifelike quality of their train sets. Noise, Noise, stuttering, Noise. Just my $0.02 . If its going to be for a kid, id so go for it for the price. If it is for you and you wanna get into Model RR, Id wait and buy it piece meal.
  4. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    If it is an older style Life Like set, it may have the "toy" locomotive with only one powered truck on the loco instead of the newer Proto 1000 models with 8 wheel drive. It may also have steel track. You might be much better off to start with a good Athearn, Atlas, Kato, or even Bachmann or P1k Life Like locomotive, a set of Athearn cars, and Atlas, or Walthers (Shinohara track). I just checked the web site, I didn't see the link because it is printed in blue on blue on my screen. The locomotive is identified as a Fa2. I think it is Life Like since the rest of the set is Life Like, but the only Fa2 I know of on the market is the Walthers Trainline model. Did Walthers buy Life Like or was it Model Power? Is it possible that Walthers is putting out a Life Like set with a Trainline locomotive? If Walthers has upgraded a setwith a Trainline locomotive, they may have upgraded everything in the set including the track.

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