RC vehicles on tracks instead of wheels?

Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by bluejay, Jul 31, 2003.

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  1. bluejay

    bluejay New Member

    are there any out there?
  2. osbornel

    osbornel Member

  3. Buggy Kid

    Buggy Kid New Member

    The Kyosho Blizzard.
    Its discontinued but you still maybe able to find it a hobby stores. Mine recentaly had two used ones up for sale but were bought and it also has a kit, so it won't be to hard to find.
  4. pike

    pike Member

    get a tamiya tank kit or something
  5. AzNDRAGster

    AzNDRAGster New Member

    I also race Tamiya Slot cars. Anyone into this?
  6. Kyo Blizzards are very hard to come by. I've been looking on Ebay for over 6 months for a reasonably priced one and I haven't found one yet. There is a guy out in Colorado that fixes and restores Blizzards, I've sent him acouple emails but he says he doesn't want to part with them.
  7. rcosmax

    rcosmax Member

    I used to race slots I love em! until I bought my first nitro and then I never touched them again. :)
  8. pike

    pike Member

    tamiya tank kits are the only one i know and I used to have a tyco fast traxx that was the #@$%
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