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    October 30th - Halloween Race Info

    1/8th Expert buggy
    1/8th Sportsman buggy
    Production Monster
    1/10th Gas Truck
    1/10th buggy
    1/10th Truck
    1/10th Mod Buggy (Brushless and lipo batteries)
    1/10th Mod Truck (Brushless and lipo batteries)

    2 Rounds per class
    5 Min. Heats
    15 Min. A Main
    12 Min. B Main
    All other Mains 10 Min.

    3 Rounds Per Class
    5 Min. Heats
    5 Min. Mains

    Lights Out Race:Run whatever you bring, we recommend you attach few glow sticks, or turn on your head lights! Track lights will be off! But not totally dark, as it will have little light, and suprises will be added to the track!!
    No Qualifier for the Lights Out Race,
    10mins Long.
    Entry Fee:
    FREE if you raced other classes

    Qualifying Starts at 11am
    Kids Under 12 Race Free all races
    Costume Contest!
    Scariest car & other contests!!

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