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Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by krautpierogi, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. krautpierogi

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    I recently got a RC Helicopter, Bladecx made by E-flight. I watched th video, read the manual, but i still cant figure out why my helocopter always tilts forwards or bac, or left or right. Can someone help me?
  2. prp_high_school

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    well i cant really ansewer your question cause im more into the nitro rc buggies... anyways u may have something wrong with your servos or your controller..... it could be that you cant fly it that good yet..( no offense).. ive tried my self and its not easy..

    does it do it when it near you or far away.. if it does it far away u may be losint frenquency idk.. just a guess
  3. steamhead

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    Hi. I presume this 'copter hasn/t really flown yet. You have to concentrate first on trimming the 3 different axis one by one before you even think of flying it for any length of time. The first and nastiest control you have to trim is the tail rotor. What does it do as you apply the throttle..? Does it swing one way or the other, (or both).?? Do you have a tail rotor gyro? If so, set it to its lowest sensifivity and work up from there. Also, apply throttle slowly to allow the gyro to compensate for the torque. Motor torque is the source of many headaches. You HAVE to neutrilize its effects before you can trim the other controls. This is a tedious process so take your time or you'll wind up with a pile of twisted junk.
    Good luck..!!
  4. Dancooper

    Dancooper Member

    Hello, I assume your helicopter is a coaxial (having two rotors on top of eachother)?
    First you need to check a couple of things and if needed, learn to adjust them.

    1 Start by switching on the tx and than the heli (after removing its fuselage)
    2 Place the trim adjustments on your tx (transmitter) in the centre position
    3 Now look at the servo-arms, if they are nicely in a 90 degree angle with the servo, you can proceed to the next point, if they are not, remove them from the servos and place them in a 90 degree angle
    4 now that the servo arms are in a 90 degree angle with servo's, you can now have a look at the swashplate
    4 a if the swashplate is nicely horizontal now, your helicopter should fly rock steady
    4 b chances are that the swashplate is not exactly horizontal, now you must adjust the connection rods till the swashplate is perfectly horizontal when the stick and trimms are in the middle
    5 if your swashplate is horizontal, your helicopter should be rocksteady in the air

    However, none of the above will help if you try to hover only a couple of inches above the ground, that is the mistake most people learning to fly a heli make.
    Remember that altitude is your friend, close to the ground, there is not a single helicopter that will be stable.

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