RC helicopter 3-D flying is when it can do triks ?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by T C, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. T C

    T C New Member

    What if i have a 2-Channel rc helicopter can it do tricks ?
  2. sf49rox

    sf49rox New Member

    You can do loads of tricks. The higher you go, the better chance of not crashing it.As a Helocopter enthusiast myself, try this site http://www.rchelicopterweb.com/I go to that site all the time.
  3. pa28_180flyer

    pa28_180flyer New Member

    The helo is up to it are you?
  4. iamloweducated

    iamloweducated New Member

    i guess a 2CH system heli won't allow you to do any tricks but only to fly forward/high and turn directions with the tail rotor. Basicly, you will need to get at least a 5CH helicopter with powerful enough electric motor or engine in order to do some 3D flying. The heli won't be expensive but the transmitter system could cause much more.
  5. kkyatch

    kkyatch New Member

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