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Discussion in 'Weathering Forum' started by cnw1961, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. cnw1961

    cnw1961 Member

    I got two Athearn RTR 50' Railbox cars today. I turned one of them into a rust bucket right away.

  2. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    GREAT JOB KURT!:thumb: VERY WELL DONE:mrgreen: . looks just like many of the cars i see up here:winki: :thumb: . how about posting the other one:winki: :mrgreen:.
    :deano: -Deano
  3. wickman

    wickman Member

    Wow Kurt how did you accomplish such a great weather job:thumb:
  4. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    AWESOME job Kurt!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    Lets see the other one
  5. cnw1961

    cnw1961 Member

    Deano, Lynn, Josh, thank you for your kind words. This is the first car I weathered so heavily, so I hope I did not overdo it :oops:. Here are some pics of the second car. I didn’t want to have a second rust bucket, so I only added some rusty spots to show some wear on this car.



  6. rogerw

    rogerw Active Member

    very nice weathering Kurt. Some day im going to have to try and weather:eek: and I hope I do half as good as you
  7. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    Kurt, the first car is not overdone at all, it looks great and I think you did a good job on the second car to, both are very realistic!! :thumb: :thumb:
  8. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    !!!Yowsaa...!!! :eek: What more can be said..??!! Magnificent job...in keeping with everything else you do..!! :thumb:
  9. cnw1961

    cnw1961 Member

    Roger, thank you for your kind words. I am sure, your weatherd cars will turn out fine :thumb:.

    Josh, Gus, thank you for all the encouragement you allways give me :wave:.
  10. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    Great job Kurt!!!
    Very realistic and I like the idea of varying the amount of weathering.
    keep up the great work!!!!
  11. jbaakko

    jbaakko Active Member

    Nice, though, might I suggest a little fading first, next time...
  12. cnw1961

    cnw1961 Member

    Steve, thank you for your nice comment.
    Josh, I tried to fade the lettering using paint thinner, 90 % alcohol and very fine sanding paper. Those methods worked fine on Accurail or Red Caboose cars, but it turned out all or nothing on these Athearn cars. Do you have any idea on how to accomplish a fading effect on Athearns?
  13. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Nice work, Kurt. An easy way of making a car look faded is to mix up some paint similar to the colour of the car (it doesn't have to be exact), then add some white to make a lighter version. Next, thin this paint quite severely: I like to use about 90% thinner to start, but you'll find your own "ideal" ratio. Now airbrush it onto the car: I like to spray up and down for this type of weathering, so if I miss any areas, at least the colour difference will appear as if the weathering was washed down the carside by rain. Don't worry if you get a little overspray on the roof, as the prototype cars are not masked-off when the carbody is painted. Because the paint is so thin, the colour change will be very subtle and, depending on your results, you might want to repeat this step. On any car that's not supposed to represent a car right out of the paintshop, this step is enough to tone down the starkness of the lettering just enough to remove that "just out of the box" look. It's also unobtrusive enough to use on an almost new car, without making the car look "too weathered".

  14. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    Great tip Wayne:thumb: I will definitely be trying that.
  15. cnw1961

    cnw1961 Member

    Wayne, thank you for this very good advice. I will try it next time. :wave:
  16. Smoke

    Smoke SOU is for you!!

    What did you to rust up the roof? i really like the look of the roof and want to try to simulate that.

    Great job BTW.:thumb:
  17. cnw1961

    cnw1961 Member

    Smoke, I did the roof in two steps. First I mixed dark brown and a little yellow solvent based airbrush paints and applied it with a piece of cloth. I rubbed and wiped the paint on to the roof until it left a thin coat. You can see the effect on the brighter parts of the rusty roof or in less extent on the roof of the cleaner car. For the next step I used a rust brown acrylic paint (rather thick, not as diluted as the airbrush paint). I applied a little paint to a paintbrush (don’t use a very soft paintbrush), wiped most of the paint off and the drybrushed the roof with the paintbrush. Make sure not to wipe in only one direction because your might see the strokes and won’t get that speckled look. Hope that helps :wave:.

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