Ray Harryhausen, SFX model titan, 1920-2013

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    He needs no introduction or recap from me, I hope.

    But let's watch a couple of moments:


    And remind ourselves our own papercraft titan UHU02 already tributed Ray with a papercraft version of the Skeletons, and Talos.

    No links but you should know where to go.
  2. Gixergs

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    Valley of Gwangi and the Sinbad films as well as the original Clash of the Titans, Farewell Ray thanks for all the fun and the scares
  3. ----zathros---

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    Ray Harryhausen, with just a touch of letting go, allowed us to see things we could never have seen before. I loved his moves. His contribution to the world was immeasurable, and his work gave many others to work towards creating the C.G. animation we have now. None of that was available back then, yet that didn't stop Ray Harryhausen from realizing that we could enjoy what he was doing, and in fact we did. My 13 year old son thought that it was so primitive, seeing this stop go, and he's only 9 then, but after showing him the work it took, he learned to appreciate it, and to enjoy the movies. We watch anything of his that comes on! 93 years old, man, what a changes in the world he experienced, and was a great part of. :)

  4. uhu02

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    He was a very special person. We will all miss him.

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    To Ray and Ralph (McQuarrie). Two giants who will be sorely missed. Thank you both for inspiring and amazing the world.

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