Raven Battlemech from Mechwarrior Online Game

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    Hello Guys,

    after finishing my MW4 Raven (created by Blaar, found in the papermodelers.com forum) I started a new build. The Raven Battlemech from the actual Mecehwarrior Online Game. The Model was created by a parman01 (Thread can be found here) and I found it in the MWO Game Forums.
    In my welcome Thread some people asked for building pictures. Here they come :)
    I am not the most gifted papercrafter but I am trying to get better ;)

    Actual building status is the Main Torso is finished and the two sidetorsi plus a few additional parts are ready to be assembled. As I want to make the torso twistable I am waiting for magnets to put into the Torso and the base for easy rotating the torso. I do not want to fully articulate the mech. Maybe I try this in a later build ;)
    Yes the small edge which can be see is intended and in the model ;)

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  2. McTschegsn

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    Some parts glued together... Slowly it begins to look like a 'mech. As I said... I am still learning to papercraft... Some fittings could be better...
    I am still missing the right "look how the parts fit together the best"
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    Can shoot now... Where are my legs? ;)

    Compared to other builds I have many many things to learn... First of all... patience I guess :D

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  4. McTschegsn

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    The final stretch... The rest of the parts have been scored and cut.
    Now I hope to finish the model until weekend as some friends drop by to play some rounds of good old tabletop Battletech [​IMG]

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    Just... finished [​IMG]
    Some of the angles are quite not correct as the glue dried to fast when attaching the legs... From the right angle... no one will ever knew [​IMG]

    Here are some pics of the finished Mech. The Model was almost easy to build when one dry fits enough...
    I think the next models will not be some pdo models [​IMG]

    The last shot is a comparison of two game generations... The same Mech... Two games: Mechwarrior 4 and the actual Mechwarrior Online.

    I like them both [​IMG]

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