Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by bensond, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. bensond

    bensond New Member

    I want to build my own ramp but I dont know how to build it or how what to use. Does anyone know how to build them and what to use?
  2. trent

    trent New Member

    i usually make my ramps out of 2 by 4's and a few layers of 3mmply wood all held 2gether with bolts i feel that works prety well for me, ive also made a few out of steel angle and bolts with a sheet metal top but that was alot harder for me coz im not as good with metal as i am with wood.
  3. ny pede

    ny pede New Member

    i built a ramp w/ my dad out of 3 2X10 and cutting them into a a curve. i laid 2 pieces of 3mm plywood and mow you have a nice curved ramp for and Rc car/truck skateboard and a bicicle. nice multi perpose ramp.

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