RailRunner, New Mexico's new rail service

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by SeriousSam, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. SeriousSam

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    Sup Errone. In Albuquerque, New Mexico's own RailRunner service, which uses BNSF track, is up and running. It is a small route, but Governor Richardson is planning on extending it throughout the entire state. If he is successful, not only will the RailRunner use BNSF track, It will also use portions of UP track. This is a big thing for our state. Heck, the city of Denver alone has more people than our entire state. For now, the RailRunner, I believe, is using an F59PH locomotive with a couple Bombardier Bi Level commuter cars. They have a really nice paint scheme. The engine has the head of a red and orange roadrunner bird and the cars have the feathers. I would love to see Athearn make some models of this baby.

  2. LoudMusic

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    Hey that's pretty nice. Hopefully NM will be an inspiration to other states with greater need for express rail service.
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    That is pretty cool. :thumb: I love the paint sceem. Is that the Phonix bird on it? When Tommy Thomson was governor of Wisconsin. He was planning on high speed rail linking the state. When George Bush asked him to be on his cabinet, Thomson wanted to be Sec of Transportation not Health and Human Service. He was on the board member of Amtrak. However, with his welfare changes for Wisconsin. He was given the job of Heath and Human Services. High speed rail never did come to Wisconsin.

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    Neat! Funny how commuter trains, which used to be common in every city, are coming back into fashion--Capitol Corridor in northern California, Metra in Chicago, and now RailRunner in New Mexico. While it's not as private as individual cars, and one might have to *GASP!* interact with other humans on the way to or from work, it can certainly be a less stressful experience than dealing with commute traffic.
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    I thought I posted to this thread last night, but I don't see my post. Send Athearn a request with a picture or two of the trains. Athearn is very responsive to modeler's requests, especially if they think there will be a market for the product. If Athearn doesn't want to do that model due to the low population base, therefore limited market, then you could write to Micro Scale with as many pictures as possible giving all of the details you can for them to make decals for that paint scheme. It would be a fairly easy job to do that scheme with decals. Just paint the locomotive and cars white and apply decals. It looks to me from the pictures in your link that the white is close to Soo Line white.
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  7. Russ Bellinis

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    Cool! I didn't know about that one. They are really on the ball, the railrunner is pretty new isn't it?
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    Wow, what a concept. Commuter rail service to an airport. Wish they had that here.
  9. SeriousSam

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    only on HO? What about us N Scalers?:(
  10. SeriousSam

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    yeah, especially since neither of Albuquerque's two Interstates (25 & 40) are served by spur routes or beltways. Ive been stuck on that darn I-25 for hours because of traffic accidents.

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