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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by pomperaugrr, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. pomperaugrr

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    I'm about to try printing my own decals on my inkjet printer. I'll be using yellow lettering on my n scale, freelanced railroad's locomotives. Does anyone have a source to get the Railroad Roman Font for free?

    I have a sample pack of inkjet decal paper and fixative, but no fonts that will work for numbering and lettering. I tried downloading a couple of fonts after a search, but they do not print out below an 8pt. font size. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. MasonJar

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    I am not sure how exactly this works, but maybe jon-monon can help you via "the gimp"...

    Anyway, my idea is to save your artwork as a picture, not text. This (I think) is sort of what Adobe pdf's are - a "picture" of a page. If you save it in the correct format - vector, not raster - it should be scalable to any size...

    So now we wait for the experts...

  3. ezdays

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    What application are you using to make you artwork? Some fonts will not print below a certain size. I have a few that doesn't like anything lower that 16 pt. Your program could also limit the font size it can handle.

    I'm not familiar with the font you're looking for, but if you're using it at less than 8 pt., it's going to be tough to see anyway. I've printed stuff in the 3 pt. size and you couldn't tell if it was Arial or Times Roman.

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  5. jon-monon

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    MJ sorry I stareted to answer yesterday and have been unable to get back to it until now :O

    I took the text tool in the-gimp, and used a "Times New Roman" font. I used various sizes from 72 to 8, which is the largest to the smallest. I typed the test text into two different images windows, one sized 256 X 256, one sized 512 X 512. Then I saved as jpg's and shrunk the 512 X 512 down to 256 X 256, which halved the text sizes. Then for posting purposes, I pasted both into one image to display here:

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  6. jon-monon

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    So, the top 6 lines are not resized, and the bottom 6 are shrunken in half.

    What this means is, you should be able to use a grphics program, use a text tool to enter text in as you like, with a font that has the appearance you desire, then shrink the image, also shrinking the text, to get the size you need.

    If you like the font I picked, and you would like me to do it for you, you could just tell me what you would like typed in, and I'll do it for you. First a test sheet you can print to see if the size is right, or if it needs adjusting, then a sheet to be tested again, tehn printed onto decal paper. If you want me to do this, just post what you want right here.
  7. jon-monon

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    for giggles, I shrunk this to 1/4 it's original size, and used caps and numbers you might more likely use on a loco:

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  8. Vic

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  9. Vic

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    Its a bit different than Times New Roman

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  10. pomperaugrr

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    Thank you for all of the great information. I've downloaded the font and will play with it a bit over the holidays. It will be nice to get some lettering on my locomotives.

    I'll definitely have to play around with the GIMP program, especially with the tutorial that was posted here.

    Thanks again!


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