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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by hooknlad, Sep 26, 2006.

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    Just a few thoughts that came to mind while reading some posts. Id like to get some thoughts from the membership on how they feel about actually letting other people work on their own personal work ( layout, buildings, scenery, etc..) . Personally I would appreciate someone coming over my house and lending a hand or two on my layout. My creativity is so-so, but it is my ideas that evolved from my head. I know alot of people love ideas from others, but others may feel that it is a violation of their expressionalism, when their "hands" embark on the layout .
    Also, when you are working on your layout, does your mind disappear into the lives of the LPP and try to help them out by giving one family nice stuff and discriminating against others ie, the jones get a new car, new house, boat in the driveway, while the smith family doesnt get alot of the luxuries afforded to them.. Do you set up lifestyles for your LPP. I guess what I am asking, Does your mind ever take you onto any journeys while working, putzing around?
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    If and when I ever get around to building the Housatonic and Cayuga, I'd love to have some folks come in and help me with it. As to my mind "disappearing into the lives of the LPP", I guess I really wouldn't know, as I am nowhere near that stage now. I certainly do let my mind wander when viewing others' model railroads, however.

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