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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by rockislandmike, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. Let's hope that not everyone from RR-L shows up here. That could be very unfortunate. :( :mad:
  2. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member


    Are you referring to the crowding or the trouble-makers?

    Actually, I was referring to my Yahoo group when I made that kidding comment.

    I really would like to see a lot of you join my group, but it's no biggie if ya don't.

    I agree, the trouble-makers can STAY AWAY!!

    I am soooo tired of that BS...

  3. Wolv, I was referring to the trouble makers. If I never have to see or hear of those three again, I will count my life as having been vastly improved. Their stuff just isn't what my idea of what model railroading is supposed to be about.

    Good luck with your Yahoo group. :)
  4. Cowcatcher

    Cowcatcher Member

    I was thinking there were 8 or 9 of them ......I guess I was counting all of their alias's :mad: :mad: ;)
  5. Catt

    Catt Guest

    I don't think ya'll will have to worry about you know who (s? :D ) Dave Hagen isn't Joe and he won't take any crap from either of them.
  6. tomfassett

    tomfassett Member

    Thanks for the clarification Catt... I was gonna' ask but being new and all, didn't want to over extend myself. As I said before, when in someone else's house, abide by the house rules or feel free to uninvite yourself... Looks to be a great bunch here, glad to know someone is looking out for them...:)

    Thanks Dave, ;)

    Tom Fassett
  7. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member

    Amen to Dave Hagen!

    Like so many of the RR-Liners, I get tired of the BS....

    Especially when it causes us to lose our home!!!!

  8. NYCentral

    NYCentral Member

    Ask away Tom, I enjoy the fun of answering questions as does a number of other great modelers here (don't worry I don't consider myself a great modeler, just average), Just check out Tyson's work or Mr Stillwater..Feedwater;) , or of course my idol Shamus.
  9. Bucks Owin

    Bucks Owin New Member

    Re: A Word of Warning...

    "Daylight in the swamp" Mike............:cool:

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