Railroad Killer will be put to death

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by N Gauger, Jun 26, 2006.

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    Now there is a reason that I wont go hoboing

    if I ever heard of one I said it before you dont know who you might find laying in waight for you on the tracks. And another good reason for them to be picked up if they are found but in alll defence of the hobo's not all are bad people:cry: but as far as this guy not Christian to say it but let him fry:curse:
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    Well, I realize that the topic of capital punishment can bring out a lot of varied strong opinions. I've been all over the map with that issue over the years but finally came to my own conclusion. Even though sometimes I'd like to personally take a hatchet to some offenders for their heinous crimes I have to let go of capital punishment for the sake of the innocent wrongly convicted due to poor defense, falsified forensic evidence, and other factors that led states such as Illinois to turn around all their death sentences. The case of the railroad killer is particularly loathsome but I'd rather pay taxes to finance his life in prison (with no parole) than contribute to a system that sometimes executes the wrong man or woman. I'm not expecting to persuade anyone either way...its just the resolution of my own conflicts about capital punishment.
    I'd forgotten about this guy. He was quite the news for a while during his spree.
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    While I am a strong supporter of "Let the punishment fit the crime". This guy deserves the death pentity..After all he did killed 15 innocent people.:(

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