Railroad Come Back to Central & Northern Wisconsin

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    I remember moving to Wausau, Wisconsin in the 1987. The duplex we rented until the house was finished being built was along the mainline for the CNW between Green Bay and Wausau. It's know a snow mobil trail! I also remember the Soo Line. Alot of these tracks are now snow mobile trails! Now the railroads wants some of it back! The CN has been pushing rail alot more. My friend Jeff sent me this link.


    With the high cost of fuel. It males sense to use rail. I don't think it'll ever go back to the past though.

    Andy :wave:
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    I have a bro in law that lives in the Wasau area love to watch the paper mill trains coming and going but the smell is awfullpeasoup LOL
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    Note in picture 2 how the inner rail of the flex track sticks out father than the outer one.
    Also note how deep tha ballast is.
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    OmG!!! look how close the deck is to the new Right Of Way in the thirdpicture!! :eek: I sure hope the lady of the house doesn't collect ceramic or glass!

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