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    I would like to inform all the members of this site that the Altoona Pennsylvania Railfest 2003 will be kicking off the two day event on October 4 and 5. There will be live steam engines there as well other events. I do believe there will be 11 to 12 live steam engines operating and a T-1 and a Q-2 on display as well. These engines are built to exact plans of their bigger sisters. This will give you a chance to see steam locomotives operating. The famous E-8s will be there as well taking passengers up and throught the Allegheny Mountains. This event gives you a chance to learn about Altoona and the Railroad History there. Hope some of you can make it to this event. It is a wonderful event to attend.
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    Railfest 2003 was a big success!!! Photo's of railfest will be up on the Independent Live Steamers Website this week and weekend. The website address is http://www.geocities.com/ilsn1/Homepage.html

    The link for the first page of the ILS is at the bottom of the Homepage. The Pennsylvania E-8's were back again this year. Everything went smoothly. We had a total of 7-8 locomotives running on the track and we also had two on display. Next Railfest will be held again in October.

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