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    Hi folks.
    Well we had a great day my friends and I , Being off on vacation for a week 4 of us decided to "do" 3 hobby shops. and we are all avid rail roaders.
    Going down a narrow side road we saw frieght stopped at a crossing WELL the chase was on:D :D :D
    We rushed down unheard of side roads like fools all to find the head of the train. We did, only to see it starting up, we beat it to the next crossing, flew into a car park and whipped behind the biulding only to find the C N rushing passed. two of us scambeled out of the van and up the snow covered banking drawing our camera`s like six shooters.
    by the time we got in position the train was flying passed:(
    But I managed to click at least one shot off.
    Here it is.
    ?? are we daft our what but oooo the thrill of the chase.:D :) ;) :p

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  2. Clerk

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    Chris.. I think we are "all" a little daft to be doing what you did.
  3. casabon

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    I was there

    And it was a great day out.
    Looking forward to a spring rail outing.:D :D :D :D ;) :p
  4. Duckman

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    Hey Redrocket, Welcome to the Gauge, As you know , I saw the work you did on your layout Friday Night. Nice work, I liked the new scenery you did. Keep up the great work !!!! Duckman .....
  5. Duckman

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    The Chase

    Hi Chris , Well I must admit the chase was worth it. Just in time to catch speeding by making all that noise and shaking the ground while at the same time blowing up all that snow . It must have seemed like a Monster going by. Ah the thrill of it all !!!! Duckman.. :eek: :eek: :eek:

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