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  1. I'll be driving through PA and looking for places to stop and get some time in for rail photography. I was thinking about going through Altoona PA from the Washington DC area on my way to Ohio near PA (Youngstown). I know I'll stop at the horseshoe turn (is there ability to stop and get photos there) and I hear about a great repair shop in Altoona. Then from there I'll go to turnpike to Ohio or follow 422 thought the mountains. I'll go basted on what I learn as the best route to enjoy the rail sights.
    Any thoughts would be great.
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    There's a vew members that live near there too!! hopefully they'll check in heree :)

    Horseshoe Curve has a tourist area - they encourage picture taking :)

    The Altoona shops are a great place to visit, I hear - but I think you have to check in at teh Altoona Railroad Museum about times and availability - I might be wrong though.

    Google everything - it's up there :) :)
  3. Thanks Mikey I'll be doing the google thing but I thought anything I could get from others would help as well. I'll post if I get any great photos from the trip.
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    Altoona is a great place, and you should take time to visit the Railroaders Memorial Museum, too. If you go there first, you can get information on all the other sites in the area (there are many), including the Horseshoe Curve (which has a public viewing area). The last I knew, you could not actually visit the shops, as they are in operation 24/7. However, there is at least one spot where you can observe operations from a public road. I'm sure you can get information at the Museum.

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