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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by mentor63, Jul 4, 2008.

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    I just returned from a trip to North Platte, NE, to see the new Golden Spike Tower and Bailey Yard, but I also spent some time at the nearby Cody Park in North Platte. It is a nice park for family get-togethers (barbeque, grass, baseball, trees, etc.), but for railfans the attraction is the UP area. They have both a Challenger and a DD40X on display and they are both beautifully restored and available to checkout and photograph up close. I will attach a few of the many photos I took and hope you enjoy them. The first 3 photos are of the Challenger 3977 (that firebox is huge!), the forth is the DD40X 6922, the 5th is a close up of a standpipe by the locos (I am always looking for details for my layout) and the 6th is of the Bailey Yard Inspection Pit and Sanding area.


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  2. steamhead

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    Boy...!!! That's gotta be one of the most beautiful steamers ever..!!! Is it restored to working condition - or just for display..?? Is that a coal burner..? How did they ever keep that firebox "fed"...It's like a cavern in there..!!! :eek:

    Great pictures...Thanks for sharing...:thumb:
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    Nice, but you might want to move these or any others to the right forum, since they aren't specific to scale, but are the real thing. So maybe Real Thing USA?
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    Great pics again!!!
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    And certainly one of the most impressive to find on a passenger train.
    Only 3985 runs. IIRC, 3977 is the only other Challenger surviving; no non-UP Challengers remain.
    I'm not sure. The Challengers were built coal-fired, but a number were converted to oil-firing. 3977 was one that was oil-fired, at least while it wore gray. Some Challengers were converted back to coal, though.
    They couldn't build steam that big until the mechanical stoker arrived.
  6. steamhead

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    Triplex...Thanks for the info...I can't believe that only two of those beauties remain...What a shame....

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