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    I just returned from a trip to North Platte, NE, to see the UP Bailey Yard and the new Golden Spike Tower that opened on 26 Jun. It was a great opportunity to see one of the premier railfan spots and the new Tower gives you a great view of the entire yard (yes, there is an elevator). I will attach a few photos (I took a bunch, but will attach just a few) to show some of the high lights. The yard is miles long, handles about 10,000 cars a day, has both East and West Bound Hump Yards, huge inspection and sanding area, plus a large engine shop. The 1st photo is the new Golden Spike Tower, 2nd photo is looking east from the Tower, the 3rd is the West Bound Hump controller, the 4th is looking NW with the INspection and sanding area on the left, the 5th is a good look at the East Bound Hump area, and the 6th is the Engine Shop.

    Also in North Platte is the Cody Park where they have UP Challenger 3977 and DD40X 6922 beautifully restored and on display for visitors to checkout closeup. I will add a few photos of these too in a separate thread to avoid using too much computer memory.

    If anyone is traveling along I-80 in Nebraska this summer, you might want to plan for a couple of hours delay to take in the Yard and the Park. Gary

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    I just saw an ad for the Golden Spike Tower. I hadn't heard of it before but you were very timely in providing pics! Thanks! Great views!!!
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    Wow...That's like an airport...for trains...:thumb:

    P.D. Is that station original or a reproduction..?
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    Nice pics!
    Who built the tower? The city, or did the UP?
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    I don't see anything in their literature about who funded the Tower, but I would guess it is mostly UP since North Platte is a town of only 24,000 people. A lot of the volunteers who work there are former UP folks. The one I spoke with had run the West Bound Hump Yard for about 25 years before he retired. He was obviously a great authority on the Yard.

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    Gary, AWESOME PICS, both in this, and the sister thread to this one:thumb: .
    THANKS!, for posting them:thumb::thumb:
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    Awesome pics:thumb::thumb:

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