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  1. custom1106

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    I have a decent MTH Rail King collection of equipment. I'm thinking about using some O27 track as I'm moving into a smaller space. Will the radius be too tight for the F7 loco? I know it won't be realistic looking, but I won't have that much space. What about steamers, I currently do not have any, but what can I run on O27?


  2. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Basicly, you need to check product descriptions. I always look to find the minimum curve. If it says O27, then I take a closer look at it. Some vendors include that info and some don't. If you find an engine you like and one vendor doesn't list it, check another for the same engine. Or there is always the manufacturer's site. Of course, MTH's site is so unbelievably slow it's mind numbing.
  3. pgandw

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    MTH never tested their stuff for 027 because the smallest MTH Realtrax is 031. Chances are most of the smaller and older Rail King will go around 027, but there's no way to be sure without testing. Coversely, any Rail King that states bigger than 031 minimum will NOT work on 027.

    The most common problem area with 027 is the overhanging car or locomotive hitting the switch machine structure going through the curved leg of a switch. That is why the K-Line 027 switches are preferred - they have very low switch machines. However they stopped being produced when K-Line went bankrupt and was bought out by Lionel.

    Williams and Lionel do a fairly good job of testing and stating the minimum curve for their equipment, including steamers. But a lot of equipment that claims 031 as a minimum will go around 027 if there are no switches, or you just use the straight portion of the switch, or you somehow get a lower or further spaced switch machine housing.

    Hope this helps
  4. spankybird

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    I can tell you from personal experance that I can run may large RailKing engines on my 027 layout, if you don't mind the overhang.



    As it was pointed out, the switch machines will give you the bigest problems.


    We use the K-line 027 low profile switches.

  5. Cannonball

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    That thing is a monster!
    I like it! :D
  6. Greg Elems

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    I ran all my Lionel GP's on O27 as well as the switchers and FA's. I also ran the Berkshire and Hudsons and any smaller steam. The O27 passenger cars were my longest cars and they ran fine also. My solution to the switches were to use the old O27 manual switches since they didn't have the high box to catch on things. Good luck with your new layout.

  7. Gil Finn

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    I dont think you will save much space unless you layout is in a walk in closet.

    Personaly I wish they never made 0 27, it is the bailsn or model railroading.
  8. custom1106

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    That's some serious overhang!sign1

    I'm diggin' the layout Spanky. It's nice to know it can be done. Thanks for the info...

  9. Gil Finn

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    Dont mind me, O 27 is OK.

    I was in a "mood".

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