Raiders of the Lost Ark Flying Wing

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by lordsith1, Dec 10, 2009.

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    For this year's Origin's Game Fair I am planing to run a miniature pulp adventure based around the scene in Raider's of the Lost Ark with the flying wing. (Last year I built the jungle and temple from the opening scene of the movie). Does anyone know if there is a paper model of the aircraft. The only solution that I have found so far is the Lego model that is of a similar scale, but not quite the look I want.
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    Not aware of any. Some have talked about designing one but I don't believe anything ever came of it.


    On my list, but I've got to get the Talon finished first....DO you need something as large as the LEGO one?
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    I use the standard 28mm scale gaming minatures which comes out to be about 1/48th scale. Lego people are just about the same size.


    Interim thought: Why not buy the FG Flying wing and mod it for your needs?
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    Thanks for the link on the balsa model. Looks like I'm going to need to do something along those lines if I'm going to have it ready for Origins this year. I've had plans drawn up since last summer but I was hoping to find an easier way. I'm planning to use styrafoam rather than balsa though.
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    The under-fuselage planform of the Raiders Wings is very different from the Horten and the general wing is also more cranked that an 'normal' flying wing... Disney used to have a 1/48 promo model that turns up on ebay from time to time that shows these features quite well
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    Raiders Ark airplane design

    You sure picked a fascinating design! Nobody has seriously done a model, but attached is one studio sketch that has been widely posted. They reduced the engines to two for the movie set, but it is generally the same. I'd say do some still clips from the movie and design your own from scratch.

    As a general rule the pre-CAD card model designers built their designs double or triple final size, so you would do the same. Cut & paste scrap card stock onto a cereal box skeleton, scan the parts that work, and reduce the scale. Messy, but it works.

    Yeah, this will be a very popular design should you opt to post or to sell it!

    - Erik

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    Modelik has a model closest to the Raiders aircraft, the Me-329. It is Modelik kit 2006-02

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    Yeah, great topic! :thumb: Hasbro, did, in fact release a micro-machines version of the flying wing (pretty much a re-tooled version of their initial indie flying wing). I saw that deviantart page, and I have to admit, I died a little on the inside when I found out all the spare parts of the prop were "bulldozed and destroyed" :curse: Anywho, I bought the hasbro toy and it's actually quite accurate. Due to its small size, however, I lost it :cry:
  13. PixelOz

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    Oh that's too bad that you lost it, its a terrific airplane. I always liked how it looks in the movie and the downsided and altered version in the attractions park is not as pretty.

    I think that this is definitely a good candidate for a paper model cause its beautiful and there aren't any good paper models made of it yet. I have not seen even a simple one so far and this one needs a really good one that does its hollywood design justice. :cry:
  14. Alcides

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    I'd like to see one designed too.

    The only weak point on this flying wing design is the undercarriage, if you see the movie it's too big. It's impossible it can retract in the wings. Seems they over sized it to support the weight.


    Patience, Iago......
  16. John D.

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    Northrop YB-49


    Ojimak has a YB-49 flying wing that if you tweek it, it may work.

  17. John D.

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    Well, that's one off my to-do list... :)
  19. Paladin

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    :thumb:Hey everyone, it's done....whooooooohooooooo:thumb:

    And, the designer was kind enough to make 2 version, one from the movie with the nazi symbol on it, (I don't even like calling it what it is called:curse:)
    and there is one with the standard German cross on it.

    Awesome plane. It might be moved up next in line for my builds.

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