Raiders Flying wing!

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    I'd love to see a 1:33 version of the "Raider's of the Lost Ark" flying wing. It's a great design and there's no good model of it. Someone has put out a rather poor all-wood version. :cry: Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any accessible plans for it, either. There are plans and drawings for the five and four motor design versions, but nothing for the actual two-engine version built for the movie. Just stills. Is it possible to come up with a paper model with so few references?
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    I second that. This would make a great model.
  3. 46rob

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    As far as I know--the plane in question was a bit of imagination....based on some of Germany's later designs. I would think that with a bit of effort, you could kit-bash Gremir's ME 329 into a fair likeness.
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    Yes, the wing in the film is an absolute fantasy and doesn't look much like any of the real German wings. In fact, the basic model for it was one of Northrop's designs, but it wasn't menacing enough, so they added the gull-wing cranks in the design. I don't think this would be an easy bash of any existing models. Still, I can dream that someone of the talented designers here will someday be inspired to create a model of it!
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    Yep, I see what you mean. I have seen the top and front view drawing of the five engine design, but nothing for the two engine design used in the movie. Maybe someone could eliminate the two outboard and center engines then add the gun turret. That is a neat looking airplane.:)
    Five Engine Wing
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    The Raiders plane is also on my fantasy list. The wooden model (which comes with a hefty $129.95 price tag IIRC), shows the model with the fixed main landing gear and the four-wheel arrangement. I'd think, since it's a fantasy anyway, that a flying display model would have retractable gear.
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    "Raiders" Flying Wing


    That is an amazing plane. It´s definitely on my favourites list. Fiddlersgreen has a similar flying wing model - the Horten Ho 229:
    It´s a much smaller plane, with twin jet engines. It was first conceived as a glider and after some tests it was fitted with engines in a prototype. The prototype was destroyed in a crash, however, and the production of the planes was stopped by the allied troops as the WW II was coming to an end:
    One remaining Horten Ho 229, the V3 produced at the Gothaer Waggoner Fabrik, resides today at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

    All the best,
    Bengt :D

    ARMORMAN Guest

    on my list after my current design project is completed. I am debating doing the 5 engine concept version as well as the 2 engine final version.
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    One story behind the design of the two engine 'wing is that the art directors/model guys at ILM originally did plan on using the 5 engine version.
    Lukas looked at it,said too expensive,took the model and broke off the outboard engines/wing sections and the center prop. then he told them to make what was left look good.

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