RAF Avia B534

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by MAJOR, Jun 8, 2007.

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    I am actually building another version of this plane. It is a really neat but challenging cockpit, for me and my fat fingers anyway!). Same plane different markings. I could not get it to print sharp. It looked good on the monitor but printed a little fuzzy.
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    Havn't tried printing it out yet, although it does look fuzzy on screen. I might try and sharpen it up now before i print it.
    Anyway, no mention of 'sharp' around me at the moment. Quite a large bandage around my thumb is curtailing my building work, so the fiddly cockpit will have to wait.
    Oh, i must remember, don't use an angle grinder when a nail clippers will suffice.
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    Looks like it's from ABC magazine.
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    I laminated the framing on the cockpit with 2 prints of the part using 110lb. card stock. Good Luck on your thumb!!
    @rmks2000 Yes, they are ABC Models.
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    All is well.
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    I have already run this by Rick and have his blessings. It is legit.:wink:

    I don't have the power to move it out of this forum though.:roll:

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    Sorry, but how do you download it, I cant understand the site...:confused:
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    Both of the sites are obsolete and model is deleted from that.
    You can found this model only if you ask the author or on Warez forums.

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