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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by slurp, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. slurp

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    Hi guys question time once again. How do you guys set the radius curves on your layouts, do you use something like the Tracksetta tamplates or is there a US branded item to help you along?.
  2. Matthyro

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    Are you talking about planning a layout on paper or actually setting the curves to use on a layout? On paper I just use a compass set to the curve based on the scale of the plan. I have never used commercially made templates.
  3. slurp

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    Sorry should have explained better, actually meant setting the curves and track onto the layout. We have a "tool" called a tracksetta (hard to come by) which is basically a length of plastic moulded into the required radius (9,12, 15" etc) that actually sits inbetween the rails and allows you to pin that section before sliding it along to complete the next section.
  4. zedob

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    You mean "slips"? Never used them. Kind of neat tool, but all of the curves I've layed down always seemed to be some odd ball radius, which I handled with a yardstick and a marking device attached at the required radius.

    I've also made radius templates out of masonite hardboard which helped when a center point was out in thin air.

    IF I was building a large layout I'd probably invest in a set, but if like you said, they're hard to find, I'd probably stick to my caveman style trammel that I've been using.

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