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    This sounds like it should work. Do you know the resistance of the LEDs? You need to know some of the LED specs before you can be sure of what will work. You can use one of the handy on-line LED calculators (just Google for it) to calculate the proper resistance to add for LEDs in parallel, series, or in combination.

    I think that if you add a larger resistor, the light will be dimmer. At least, that's what I would expect. So you could achieve a subtle glow that way. I'm going to try some orange ones in buildings at night.
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    I have started on the depressed center car and nuclear cask load. When I have finished,IF I can remember how to post pictures I will let you take alook at it. Thanks for the great picture; a good starting point! Dave
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    I do not know how the large cars react on a layout, my small layout is gone, needed the room, and only have 3' test track. The cars are heavy for their size without a load. The bodies have a large amount of lead in the resin, the small blue dots can be seen in the bodies of the schnabel and the large GE depressed flat car. I have heard that the large Overland schnabel cars did not track very well.

    Prototypically, when loaded, these cars run very slowly, typically 10 mile an hour or less. In many cases at only walking speed. This is because the big cars have the ability to shift the load both horizontally and vertically to work around obstacles along the route. This is where the clearance diagram must be perfect.

    I do not plan on running mine too far. The cars will run only from the river load out to the yard, and then from the yard to the nuclear and coal power plants.

    I have four other large cars:
    - GE No. 40017 Schnabel Car with transformer load from E & P Associates
    - Westinghouse No. 202 Schnabel Car with transformer load from Overland Models
    - Westinghouse No. 203 Schnabel Car with transformer load from Overland Models
    - PRR Queen Mary (16 axle depressed flat & well hole car) from Railworks

    One can not have too many of these cars. I am waiting for Concept-Models to do the large GE 40010 schanbel car. I can not wait until I can have a yard full of these cars, and their associated cabooses. I just need to improve my skill with the air brush before I tackle these cars.
  4. Since you've seen these pools in person, maybe you've seen otherwise, but all the photographs I've seen of the pools for spent fuel glow bluish-purple, from Cherenkov Radiation, like in the attached photo. Maybe a white LED, tinted with appropriately colored 'stained glass paint' could achieve this affect.

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    Sure, or a blue LED. I have some fantastic bright blue ones. I got them from KingBright (go to ::: Welcome to Kingbright web :::)

    Depending on the light, these may look a bit greenish:
    But I agree, the Cherenkov radiation is more of a pale blue.

    Oh - and here is a flat car with a spent fuel load:
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    Colton and SF Jack, you could be right since the physics would have one believe that it would be more of a bluish hue. However, I'm sure it was more of a greenish blue but I also was looking at them through a lot of water and I was trying to get out of there as fast as I could. Also, guys, that was 50 years ago. ie: 1957. But I did look at my thesis just now and it says that the color was a greenish blue. I think that I'll use one green and one blue LED and see what that looks like. I've cut the pond and now I'll seal and paint it a shiny steel gray color. Maybe I'll line it with foil. Then the lights go in. By the way those are fantastic pics you both put up there. Where do you get all that stuff? SFJ, that first pic looks like the color I remember and your second pic looks almost like the pool I used to sterlize the meat samples plus the getup we had on. I've never been much for wearing lab costumes, except when the press was around, but in there I didn't mind at all. When we got out we proceeded to shower down before leaving the building. I didn't see them put the rods in since that was done some time earlier by the chemists working there. Everything had to be "normal" whatever that was, before I could enter. Also, my time in there was limited to 60 minutes but I got out of there long before that. By the way my kids all turned out to be either normal or better than. Even the grandkids look ok. So no residual effects so far unless it was positive. bob
    PS. I think I know what happend to the color in that cooling pond. There was other lighting in there and it may have put out enough red or yellow to make the pond look more greenish than it would have otherwise. Just a thought. I'll stick to the blue and green LED's but the all blue would look great too.
  7. Sounds cool, I can't wait to see the pics. As for you getting outta' there pronto & not wanting to hang around for an hour, I don't blame you :)
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    Hot rod pool cut out

    SF Jack, tomd81, colton, et al, here is a pic of the cooling pond cut into the foam next to the nuclear power plant. It's about 16 ft. scale deep. Notice that it's already in green foam so lighting with blue LED's may be just right. I may not have to paint the inside, but only the outside, above for effect. Don't know whether I'll leave it open or add some type of open building for a cover. Have to look in the Walthers catalog and see if anything fits. The real one was in a building of some sort. Are some cooling pools left open? I'm going to look for some LED's tomorrow. Will keep you informed. Now I need a flat car with spent fuel rods in tow. Any ideas there? bob

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    rhtastro, Your sharp picture of the cut out for the cooling pond means that you know how to post pictures! Can you walk me through the steps? This is not the correct way to get this info, but when I click on the link that is indicated to explain the process it just bounces me back to the same page. Never any clue as to how to post pictures! Need help.... Dave
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    Bob -

    I'm pretty sure ALL cooling ponds would be contained indoors. Perhaps you could make a building over it that you could lift off to show off the beautiful blue. I like the idea of the foil lining - that will help with the unearthly look of it all.

    As for flat cars with fuel rods, check out the pic I posted above with the big dog-bone on the flat car. That's what you are looking to model. Then you need a big gantry to lift that thing and extract the rod assemblies.

    As for sources of photos... try a Google image search. It's amazing what you can find.

    - John
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    How to put your picture on this forum

    D.R.Rosser, yes, I figured it out a while back.
    1. Get your picture file in a form with a tag such as .jpg and try to get it under 50 kb for best results.
    2. Know where it is on your hard drive
    3. Go to the post you want to reply to
    4. Let it all come in including all the pics and everything below until it stops (very important)
    5. Add your message
    6. Go to "manage attachments" below and click on that
    7. Click on "browse"and bring your folder and pic file up into that window
    8. Then click on "upload"
    9. After it loads, takes a few minutes, click on close window below for that window only
    10. Click on "submit reply" at bottom
    11. That's it, and you can change things later by going to "edit". I almost always use that to make changes in the text.
    Hope this works for you.

    SF Jack, et al, I've been working on that cold pond for hot rods and it now has a new gray surface on top around the pit. It stands out more now with the better contrast. I may try foil around the inside, it could give a nice glow. I also found all the electronic parts today at the local Radio Shack for the lighting effects in the pond. Blue LED's etc. Haven't found a suitable building as yet but still looking. I think that the one at Arco was made of concrete blocks. Does that sound logical? It would be a good shield. bob
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    Cool hot rod pond--update

    Here's the latest nuclear cooling pond pic. No cool, blue glow yet, but it's coming soon. Next will be the fuel rod holders in the bottom of the pit and a few rods. Then the cool blue green glow like Arco, ID. bob

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    Test run of the nuclear waste car

    Don't have an 8 axle car, but the idea works........

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    Thanks for the help.

    There is no "browse" command when using a Mac and Safari, but I tried an alternate method; it worked. Now I just have to remember how I did it! If you look closely in the picture you may notice that the car is on brass track with fiber ties. I think that is called very, very old HO! Dave
  15. rhtastro

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    Dave, glad you got your pic on the gauge ok. Looks good. What is that thing on the flat. What kind of nuclear waste goes in there? Anyway, I want one. Re: the rails, that is old track but at least they're not wooden. Is that you on the billboard? bob
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    Mac... Safari... uh, I "resemble" that remark.:thumb:

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    That thing on the flat car?

    I used the picture with the first article on this topic as a loose guide. The body of the "thing" is most of an old 35 mm film container, with part of it cut off for a lower height. The braces around the base are plastic structural steel bits out of the scrap box, same for those on top. Caution! the film container is a soft semi-flexible plastic. Cutting and glueing is a pain! The load is what we choose; this is a private free lance road. Heck, it may from a N.Korean non-existent site!
    That is not the oldest track. We have one single piece of brass and wood ties that form the beginning for a bridge that was then the first construction on the layout, put in around 1978, but actually left over from my high school era layout( 1952). Really old!
    No, that is not my picture. The fine print on the bottom of the B-Board asks voters to vote for "the lesser of two evils". The only political sign Iever saw that said that in print!

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