Radio or Reciver problem

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by SuPrMaDCoW, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. SuPrMaDCoW

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    OK so I went to put my old Attack III in my buddies Traxxas Stampede today, and when I finished hooking everything up and went to use it the throttle didn't work. So to make sure that it wasn't the servo I switched it from Ch2 to Ch1 worked fine, plugged the steering servo into Ch2 now the steering doesn't work (figured that would happen.) So obviously it has to be either the controller itself or the reciever. Took a reading to make sure Ch2 was getting power(got a reading of 12.5V.) Opened up the back of the controller to see if the wires had come loose(all soldered in fine), checked to make sure the controller had power(also read 10.5V) So basically I'm stumped... Anyone have any ideas as to what else I can check to make srue the equipment is working right or any ideas as to what is wrong.

  2. dj6666969

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    Sounds as if you have a bad reciver?
  3. Rszanti

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    Got a buddy on the same channel ? Or the same radio model so you can just switch out crystals ?

    Then try using their transmitter/receiver units to find out which it is.

    (Or try the local Hobby Shop to see if they can help)


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