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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by TCH, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. TCH

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    have been thinking about getting a radio throttle for my layout -- in the future ,can`t afford it at the moment!

    however when a normal radio is on in the trainroom there is a lot of interference when a train is operated. this radio is battery operated and not connected in any way to the house electrics.

    I fear this probably means I will have interference problems if operating a radio throttle on my system. would this be right ??

    would appreciate input from those who have radio throttles installed.


  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    No, probably not right...

    While the trainset might generate electromagnetic interference that is picked up by your radio (standard broadcasting frequencies??), the radio throttles work on an entirely different range of the spectrum. I have never had any trouble with my radio throttle when operating at the club layout with dozens of trains going at any one time.

    EDIT - For the record, my system of choice is Digitrax. I have used virtually all combinations of base stations, boosters, and throttles between home, friends' layouts, and the club. My current handheld radio throttle is the UT4-R.

  3. caellis

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    I got lucky and did not follow the herd. I bought a Lenz system and their cordless phone adapter. The cordless phone works great!
    I am using a 2.4 ghz model and the total cost including the Lenz adapter was $70.00.

    I find the cordless phone very easy to use and the range is 100's of feet. The cordless phone base can be hidden away as the signal has no problem with walls, etc.

    One reason Lenz uses the cordless phone method is they do not have to get their "radio" approved by every country in the world. The cordless phone one uses is already frequency approved for the user's country.
  4. TCH

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    thanks MasonJar and caellis for your responses

    I now feel that it will be worthwhile to keep saving for a new throttle etc.

    as I already have a Digitrax system I will keep with that, although that lenz and phone looks like a good option


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