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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by KentHart, Mar 2, 2001.

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    I've been building a Civil War era G Scale railway for about three years and maintaining the track is a lot of work in Iowa. I'm interested in converting my engines to Radio Control but no experience in this area. I've seen the last two articles in Garden Railways, but they seem pretty weak. Does anyone know an easy way to get into this and/or a good book on the subject with easy to follow instructions, sort of like Computers for Dummies? Thanks.
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    Hello Kent:

    I may help you out. You may want to go to your local hobby shoppe where they sell radio controlled cars and aircraft. There are books out there about it. Since I am not into the RC field. I can't give you any names.

    I am a Ham Radio Operator. I know in this hobby. There are many articles about rc. However, you must be a lisence Ham Operator to use the frequencies. But it does give you some general information. You can also check out The best bet is go to your local hobby store or libarary.

    All the best,
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    Kent, I'm not in that large a scale (HO-ON30) but have done R/CJ aircraft, & have always thought that R/R/C control should have gone further in MRR than it did. Probably the main reason it stalled was that R/R/C by itself did not negate the need for track power, so did not really offer any great benefit, other than individual train control. The wish for that led to DCC. Now as to your question, with the advent of some really low draw motors & better battery tech. I think the time is ripe to explore self contained power with R/C control. If you can build & wire the layout you have with a little study you could repower (Batt.) & set up R/R/ control. The last post is correct, check the R/R/C shops for information. there is no lic. required, at least not as extensive as a HAM lic. Be aware that the bands used for aircraft are reserved for aircraft, surface applications, cars-boats & trains? have different radio bands, don't buy a aircraft transmitter & use it on the ground. The feds do get upset about that. Good Luck

    L V Dave

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