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Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by crazycuteguy016, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. hey wuts up every body i just want to kno who will be racing this season i kno i will
  2. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    i'll be in the pit the entire season but maybe ill race my electric truck a couple races
  3. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    I would like to race but there is no tracks by my house :(
  4. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    i hope to be racing my new XCellerator at my backyard track but theres really no compitition around here.
  5. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    dude you should tlak your parents into taking a vacation up here. there is plenty of rc fun but there is liek nothing else to ive got liek 8 tracks within an hour from me. probably mroe then that even.
  6. digdug72

    digdug72 Member

    I'm racing, this will be my first season
  7. this will be my 3rd season but this time im going to be more competitive
  8. scott555

    scott555 Member

    ill be racing my rs4, tc3 and mabe my maxx late summer, im moving and theres finaly a track with in a hour away.
  9. rustler

    rustler Member

    I've never raced before and i dont think i ever will either unless i get my truck running like it should. I know i'll get out there and have the thing mess up on me.
  10. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    monster-i'd friggin love to take an rc trip up there dude, but i know im going to florida for amonth, then i gotta find some kinda job for money....oh well, prolly wen i getta car dude!!

    rustler-you dont have to go to ur local track and go racing ur first time, man, get to one of their practices n work out the bugs there. a lot of ppl who race get all of those bugs u have out, during practice.
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