R2D2 pep build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by tk3470, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. tk3470

    tk3470 New Member

    I have been working on a pepakura verysion of r2d2 full size wondering if anyone is interested in building one also. Still have of a tone of unfolding to do.
  2. Aussie Phantom

    Aussie Phantom New Member

    I'll help with the unfold if you like! PM me!
  3. dredd

    dredd New Member

    I'm not good at unfolding ,but i would love a copy when it's done if possible.If you need blueprints for textures check out the yahoo group R2 builders or astromech
  4. mapleman

    mapleman Member

    I would put my hand up to build once it has been unfolded on Pepakura.
    I am not good with making models on Pepakura designers program.
    I still have to build a Han in Carbonite model for a 30th Anniversary Empire Strikes Back dinner in late October. Australian celebrate later then the Americans.
    I know the movie came out in August in Australia.

    G'day Aussie Phantom. Good to see another Aussie on this forums.

    TK3470 l have added 2 new HIC blueprints pictures on the 1 to 1 star wars forum.
  5. howtogurus

    howtogurus New Member

    Hi all, small clarification on the Yahoo R2D2 builders group. Here is the actual Yahoo group name " r2builders" Just do a search for that in Yahoo groups. Tons of info, blueprints etc. They also have a 1:1 R2D2 paper model there, it is a scale up of a smaller pdf paper model.

    George :wave:
  6. jnorman202

    jnorman202 New Member


    i like to do your r2d2 i wont to help out.

    joe norman
  7. nachtinis

    nachtinis New Member

    Artoo is my next big build, after my current 6, lol
  8. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Yesterday I was thinking about a 1:1 R2-D2. One day later I find this thread. Great! :thumb:
  9. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    I was thinking about getting one of those round cardboard industrial barrels to start an R2 unit with just the other day. This would help immensely.
  10. mangler525

    mangler525 New Member

    i'd build one, but dont ask me to help i suck at unfolding
  11. Jixton

    Jixton New Member

    I'm currently working on building an RC Astromech... So I'm very interested in how this all works out.
    I can't help, I'm afraid, with the 'unfolding' as I'm extremely new to Pepakura and wouldn't have a clue where to begin.

    Good luck with this project though, as it looks like it'll be a very popular build for people.
  12. jonesy

    jonesy New Member

    just found this thread and would want one to build, but my unfolding skills are rubbish
  13. SEBRET

    SEBRET Member

    Watching with much interest.
  14. Jean Paul CY

    Jean Paul CY New Member

    I build this pepakura version of R2D2 on full size from biglobe.ne very hard ! but very beautifull I begin the R2A6 . Is any body had built this Star war collection ?
  15. jonesy

    jonesy New Member

    any progress on the unfolding?
  16. thokamous

    thokamous New Member

    I would for sure want to build this one!! Will you by chance be making the R4 and R5 heads to go with it?
  17. Jixton

    Jixton New Member

    I like your thinking there Thokamous....
    We'll definitely need an R4 and R5 head to go with it, then we could swap between the 3 heads, or build one of 3 types of astromechs.
    You could then build one of each!
  18. nevets

    nevets New Member

    just found very interested, but terible at un folding
  19. tk3470

    tk3470 New Member

    No I have been working on my hic build I will post the r2 parts this week that need to be unfolded
  20. nevets

    nevets New Member

    ant update ?

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