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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by sneaker, Dec 18, 2006.

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    Hi all! Not sure if this is the correct place for this question, but it appears appropriate. I came across a paper model of R2 about 5 years ago through the R2D2 Builders Club. It is a club about building a full sized replica of R2. Anyway in the downloads section they had this paper model. Rather detailed paper model of him. about 20 to 25 sheets, I think. As I said before very detailed, stands about 12" tall and is about 3-3 1/2 inches in diameter. Full moving parts. I have built this once for a friend, problem is no instructions, diagrams, pictures...nada. Has anyone ever seen this, or know of it. Anyone aware of any instructions for this. I would post it, but I have no idea who the author is, and I do not want to step on toes. It is no longer available on the R2D2 builder's club. For all I know it could be a commercial model. The only identifying thing I can say about it is the file name was called Klompett.zip. I have searched and searched to no avail, so finally I thought I would throw the question out to guys. Also I could post photos of the parts sheet, if that would help.

    Anyway If this is the wrong place for this question pleae let me know, and Thanks in advance:)

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    Sounds quite impressive - I do hope its a freebie. I have built a couple smaller ones. Best of luck!
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    The site you require is:


    Look under R2D2 and the name Alejandro Ochoa. The PDF listed if for the 70cm high model but he did produce a 20cm High Model which I believe is the model you are refering to.

    I have the plans for this model and when I got them they where free to download.

    Please mail me and I can pass them on.. (I hope this is not breaking the rules!!)
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    Thanks for the reply, but alas that is not the kit I am referring to. I have attempted to build the 20cm high version last weekend, and that is the one that got me thinking about the version I am trying to locate an instruction set for.

    Here is a screen shot, giving an example of what I am talking about. This should give you an idea of the detail I am talking about. As you can see it is very crisp.
    and it has 22 pages worth of parts. I can build this, I have figured out 90% of the detail parts (there are some that still baffle me). I have had problems figuring out the internal structure, how the middle leg mechanism works and such. I got it to work, but I know it was incorrect. Also order of build seems to be a problem. So if this seems familiar to anyone please let me know, and again thank you


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    R2D2 model from R2 builders site

    Hello Sneaker,

    I know exactly the model of R2 you are talking about, I have It saved somewhere on disk I think. I started to build It being really impressed by the level of detail, but It was daunting without any instructions. I got as far as the dome which had unfortunately a big glaring error, namely the detail parts would not wrap round the dome as they were drawn up flat. I started the body then lost interest.

    I plan to build the large version on the cut and paste site sometime,


  6. sneaker

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    Hello Modelnutz7!

    YEP! Bingo, thats the one. I had the same problem. I even went as far as to consider using a plastruct hemisphere for the dome, with hopes it would alleviate the fit problem. I never got any further than ordering the dome so I do not know if it would work. It is a very cool model. I can figure out how most everything fits together, I am more concerned with the order of assembly and the third leg mechanism. I too want to take a crack at the large version over at cut-n-paste scifi. Maybe I can figure out a way to combine the two. Well I guess no instructions exist, but I will pose the question over at the r2d2 builders club site forum. Just did'nt want to sign up to ask one question.


    David :)
  7. Steele

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    Is that still available somewhere?
    Id Love to take a crack at it.
    Looks like a beutiful model, Instructions or not :)
  8. sneaker

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    To my knowledge, it is not available on the net. That is the problem. I was looking for the original author for permission to redistribute it. As far as I know
    modelnutz7 and I are the only two that have come forward acknowledging that we know/have it. I have asked on different forums for help regarding the location/whereabouts of who designed it. But to no avail. There is absolutly no reference on the model itself on where it came from. which is a shame it is such a beautiful kit, Would make an excellent entry into the model contest, but since I can not find who did it, or where to download it again, I believe that disqulifies it.

    Who is the moderator for this board by the way?, :? I have a question


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