R.I.P. Anton Yelchin

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    source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/42/Pavel_Chekov_Anton_Yelchin.jpg

    These are some very sad news: Anton Yelchin, best-known for his interpretations of "Pavel Chekov" in the "New Star Trek", "Kyle Reese" in "Terminator: Salvation" and "Charlie Brewster" in "Fright Night" passed away today in a freak car accident:


    The talented actor died at the age of 27 and joins the list of unforgettable artists who also died at this age.

    I thoroughly enjoyed his acting and his movies, and to be honest, he and Simon Pegg were my personal favourite stars in the new ST movies.

    My prayers are with his family and friends. He has left such a huge impact on audiences all over the world that he will never be forgotten.

    May he rest in peace.

    source: http://www.ballardsunderfuneral.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/obit-red-rose-300x400.jpg
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    R.I.P Another good one gone
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    Sad to see that Walter Koenig outlived him. The ST reboots were overall disappointing but his performance was one the best. Sadly missed.
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    This is beyond tragic and sad. :(

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