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  1. hi, i plan to start building a scaled down version of a Geli R-5 Vigilante. i got it reduced to 55% its original size. the test model has a good fit, but the cockpit is terrible any one know the best way to dress up the cockpit :roll: :roll: :roll:
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    Trumpeter have just released a couple of plastic kits of this aircraft (about time too!!!) and I think some of the plastic model mags are runnig reviews, so they will probably have some useful info and pics. Fine Scale Modeler, maybe?

    Impressive aircraft! In fact, one of my very first paper models was a Vigilante from the Bancroft range of booklets. My dad and I spent hours doing carrier landings with it from the lounge, through the hallway and onto my mums kitchen table. I must have been 5 years old...

    Tim P
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    Yes.....YES.... a very good subject...........you must post pictures.

    Funny thing how the Navy got rid of it and the Russians made it into one of the fast interceptors around. The first moc-up of the NA Vigi had two tails. First time I saw a picture I thought it was a us marked Mig-25!
  4. the Geli R-5A was on of the first paper models i bought along with a Meta models XB-70 and what seems to be an original JFS Lufthansa 707-320 model( the XB-70 and 707 i have yet to scan and build yet) :roll: :roll: i got to get some pics scaned an posted when they are finished :wink: :wink: and didnt the R-5A have a large megaton war head that was contained in the housing under the fuselage and ejected when the aircraft went into a climb??
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    Besides being one of the largest aircraft designed for the Navy's carriers, it did have a tunnel running between the engines that was suppossed to be used to hold a nuke weapon and extra fuel tanks. These were supposed to be ejected with the bomb and help stabilized it in free flight. The ideas was to spit it out over the target on your way out. Really never worked very well, and when the Navy decided to make them Recon aircraft this was used to house extra fuel tanks for the recon mission.

    This was one of the fastest fully loaded, and even faster with most of the fuel gone, planes around.

    Story was that when they were on recon missions over Nam the escort fighters had to yell at the Vigi pilots to slow down. All those missles hanging off the Phantoms kinda put too much drag on them, the "clean" Vigilantes would just run off and leave them.

    In my opion this was a "plane before it's time" and it would be right at home with Hornet on the deck right now.

    I don't know how far you are from NY City.......... but they have one at the USS Intrepid Museum. These were(are) very BIG planes, you might want to plan a trip to see a full-scale one.

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    Hi Patriot Missile,

    there r some RA-5C's instrument panel at

    Pilot Station

    Pilot stition - Late varient

    Recon Attack Nav RAN Station

    and A-5A's panel

    Pilot Station--Early Production

    Pilot Station--Modified Early Production

    Pilot Station--Later Production with HUD

    Bomb/Nav Station--Early Production

    im not sure that R-5 Vigilante is same aircraft with RA-5 Vigilante or not but i think that is the same :p
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    Does anyone know where I can buy Geli products? I really like the Vig, but I can't seem to find a model :(
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    Unfortunately GELI is not in production anymore - the one and only source for them seem´s to be ebay.. These kit´s are quite expensive now - but they are some sort of special stuff..

    king regards,

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